I started my journey on the 1st day of 2018!

To say I was anxious to get started would be an understatement. I said my goodbyes to the family and my pup, and headed off.

I still wasn’t sure exactly what direction I was headed, only that I needed to be to Vegas by the 6th. I knew there were a lot of places to explore around Delta Utah, so that’s where I went. Researching a bit online, I found a couple hot springs and some lava tubes I wanted to check out.

The GPS coordinates I entered, sent me in a very strange area with all dirt roads. It seemed they would go on for a long time, so I actually had to backtrack a bit and go a totally different route. I finally arrived at my first destination at about 4PM, Baker Hot Springs. There was a large family in the springs, so I decided to cook myself some dinner and wait them out. They finally cleared out at about 5PM, and I had the place to myself. These springs are three concrete tubs, each with a sort of temperature regulating system of notches and towels to plug them. For me, they were actually a bit too hot. I would say they were around 105 degrees F. Once I eased into them a bit, a truck rolled up and out came a guy about my age. His name was Matt and he worked as a miner nearby. He said he comes to Baker fairly often, and that it’s usually filled with people. So I guess I was lucky. I wasn’t able to get a good photo of the springs, as it was really dark. But you can search them online without much trouble, I’m sure.

Once I had a good soak, I went back to the bus and rinsed off in my shower. I am already thankful that I spent the time and money to install one. Being dirty doesn’t necessarily bother me, but it always feels nice to clean up. I was planning to stay the night at the springs, but I guess the first night worries got to me a bit. In my head, I pictured late night visitors to the springs getting a bit too rowdy. So, I set off towards more deserted resting grounds.

Since I wanted to visit the Fillmore lava tubes the next day, I chose to make the 1 hour drive this night. It was as I said dark, so finding a spot was a little challenging. An open expanse near a water trough seemed to fit the bill of a great spot. Not knowing what the area looked like in the daytime, I was still a bit apprehensive. I settled down for the night and actually slept very well.

The next morning was about 15 degrees outside, and all the windows were frozen from the condensation. My propane heater kept me toasty, but creates a lot of moisture in the air.