It’s now been over 2 months since I moved into my tiny dwelling. As with any new place, eventually you become complacent and forget about the bigger picture.

My goal moving into the bus 4 months before I did was to see what works for me, and what doesn’t. It wasn’t long before some of those thing came to light. I began the project building for others to be most comfortable, while sacrificing my own comfort.

The long and oversized bench seat was great when someone needed an extra bed, and it had a ton of room for storage. However, it became apparent that a table and a place for my Dometic cooler was more important to me. I had a spot for the cooler where it slid nicely under the bench. But when I needed constant access to it, it began to create a lot of wear and tear on the flooring and the cooler itself. Just didn’t work. I found myself easily distracted by the events and people around me, and couldn’t find my motivation for the bus. I’m in no way complaining about the fun I’ve had the last couple months, but the build suffered. Eventually, I woke up to a beautiful day outside and something inside me changed:


I just started ripping into the old bench without hesitation. It was actually very rewarding to remove what I considered my own terrible craftsmanship. So overbuilt with large amounts of heavy wood and quite bulky, it was an eyesore to me. This time I made myself draw up a plan, and follow through with the best materials. Although it took a lot of hours and patience, I was able to transform it into a convertable table and bed area. I admit that I still haven’t finished the project as I can’t make up my mind about the finish. I’ll get there.

I’ll end with a few thoughts about the process so far: From a human standpoint, I can say that my relationships with others have both strengthened and strained at the same time. Knowing that I won’t be here for a lot of events, birthdays, and otherwise just being around is straining. Even though it’s something I really look forward to, the thought of not building traditional relationships, being there for weddings, birthdays and whatnot has caused me unforeseen anxiety. On the flip side, I feel I’ve been able to spend more time with friends and family and build up my network.  I’m absolutely pumped at the idea of meeting so many new faces along the way, but don’t yet know how leaving behind so many will feel.

On a planning note: I am set to meet or exceed my goal of saving enough to sustain me for the year! To be effective in my charity goals, I know I will need more help though. I’m looking into creating an actual charity to help with tax write offs for those that donate, but I still need great ideas of who and or how to best serve! I have been documenting costs, water usage, propane usage, and other living expenses and hope to have a blog up about it soon!