Today marks the begcropped-3.jpginning of the last month I’ll be spending within the walls of a typical house for quite some time.

Starting September 1st, I intend to be full-timing in the bus.

I plan to spend my free time in August trying to downsize and rid myself of the things I don’t need, or have a hard time parting with. By the end of the month, my current room should look like an empty shell apart from a bed and maybe a tv.

Throughout this process, I have tried to downsize my life in my head, but nothing compares to actually doing so. I started earlier in July to remove some of these things and help find them new homes, but only seemed to be able to pawn off 2 items. Time is moving quicker than I realize and must make moves.


By the end of the month, I should be paired down to what I think I will want, and what I think I will need. It is a sure bet that this list will get even shorter once I spend time living in the rig. This is why I chose to do so now, rather than jump right into it in February. Experiencing is knowing.

I will be learning to take shorter showers and conserve water. I will be attempting to cook most of my meals on the bus. Finding a place for everything and removing the rest. And maybe one of the most important aspects of bus living will be to budget my cash.

I can’t thank my roommate enough for allowing me a very comfortable space to call home for more than 2 years. Adam has been the most accommodating housemate anyone could ever ask for! This is already one of my biggest risks and fears…. to leave such a great situation to head out into the unknown. But at the same time, the unknown is quite appealing to me.

I have also started my YouTube channel and hope to start uploading progress videos of the pair down and move, so subscribe and follow along!