This past weekend, I met up with Jax Austin and his rig named Dan the Adventure Bus! You can check out his Youtube Channel at JaxAustin .


We wanted to go somewhere with the buses that was beyond just a typical stroll into town. Being from Utah, I have been to the Salt Flats many times before and have yet to be disappointed! From Salt Lake City, the Bonneville Speedway is roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes, and about 10 minutes from Wendover.

If you plan to make the trip, DO NOT GO OFF THE ROAD! Not only will you get stuck if you don’t know the correct path, but it is also an ecosystem in crisis. The salt levels on the speedway have deteriorated in the past years with the water level Great Salt Lake dwindling. Signs are posted around warning you of this, and please do the right thing and obey them.


It was no surprise that our two buses draw a lot of attention. Not only do we drive school buses equipped with solar panels, roof racks, and grass (in Jax’s case), but the bright yellow of Dan can be seen for miles! We met a couple from Toronto (forgive me if that’s incorrect) that just began their world travels. They are driving a minivan all the way down to Chile and then selling the beast to travel onto other continents! Good luck to them!

Later, I had a group of my friends from Salt Lake arrive to enjoy the sunset with us and have some drinks and BBQ. Having such a friendly bunch, we were later joined by a caravan with 7 great people from all over Europe. They had just finished their work season at Whistler and were planning to travel a bit around the West.


We were hit with some absolutely crazy wind storms and were lucky to have such great shelter from my bus, ‘Felicia’! Jax will soon post a video showing the ferocity of the gales. It treated us to one of the greatest natural scenes I have witnessed with salt storms that would rival the sand storms of the Sahara!


The morning welcomed us to much calmer scenes with a gorgeous sunrise. There is something special about waking up to the sun in beautifully wild locations.


Are you planning a trip to the Salt Flats?

Be sure to bring your sunscreen and bug spray. Mostly, the sunscreen. You will be in an unsheltered location with no toilets on site. Right off the exit (exit 4) is a fuel station to use the toilet, grab some snacks, and pick up a souvenir. I also must mention that they are attached to a Mexican restaurant with some amazing food! Try it!

Remember to respect the environment and clean up after yourself. A lot of trash gets left from people creating photo shoots and leaving behind the props. Don’t be that person. Also keep in mind that everyone is there to enjoy the scene the same as you. Have common courtesy and allow others to take photos without constantly obstructing the view.

Mostly, love the land we live and be in the moment!

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