I’ll start this post by saying that I am a complete novice to solar installations. Everything I did was self-taught. I recommend doing your research on the proper way to install your system based on manufacturer instructions.

I purchased the 400 Watt kit from Windy Nation on Amazon.


It is important to me to run almost everything I need on my solar kit. I will be powering my Dometic cooler, television, water pump, stereo, and lighting. This kit has no trouble keeping up. In fact, I have a hard time trying to use up more than 1/4 of my capacity during the day.


I welded up some frames for the 4 panels for a flat mount. Eventually, I will be creating a tilt system if I find I actually need to later on. I haven’t had the chance to fully test this system on a long streak of cloudy days with constant use.


Once mounted to the framing ribs of the bus, I followed the easy kit instructions to wire up the solar charge controller to the battery bank. They come with quick connects to help you install it properly. The solar charge controller not only controls the amount of power being supplied to the batteries, but also gives you a readout of battery levels, amount of solar being produced, and power currently being used.


It was then a matter of wiring up all of my electronics. Make sure to fuse everything you don’t want destroyed. (which I’m sure is everything)


Sorry I’m not going into huge detail here, but I hope it provides some sort of help if you plan on doing something similar.