I purchased my adventure mobile in the Spring of 2016 from a local seller. I happen to know they paid $800 for her at auction. Yes, $800! I paid about 3 times that to peel her away from them, but was very happy to do so. This was my first attempt at not only buying, but driving a vehicle this large. There were a couple inches of snow on the ground, she needed some fuel, and we were an hour from home. Putting the pedal to the floor, I gunned it down the unpaved, rut-filled, snowy trail! After spending more time behind the wheel since then, I have come to realize this was unnecessary. Besides the fact that Felicia seems to be able to handle most conditions, she has on-the-fly, compressed air actuated, traction chains.


Continuing on towards the gas station after hitting real pavement, I felt like I was commanding an old wooden galleon….she sounded like one as well. That being said, she actually drove like a dream! It took some searching and practice to locate and perfect all the signals, wipers, and door controls, but they worked well. Pushing into the local Maverick fuel station, I looked very out of place as a school bus driver. A few spectators glanced my way as if I stole it. Truthfully, at the price, I felt like I did. When it came time for filling the 60 gallon tank with diesel, I experienced a nice $150 shock. Reminding myself I could go around 600 miles on that, I was more at ease.


The next obstacle I faced was making the first freeway venture without any plates. Of course this is where I am supposed to recommend you not do the same. I’m not telling you that. Make your own choices, but don’t hurt anyone by doing so. Anyway…it all went more smoothly than it probably should have. Driving a bus is something I quickly learned to love! Since then, I cannot wait to get behind the wheel and go for a cruise. Perhaps I missed my real calling as a bus driver. Well, I could do without the driving children around part. After an hour, I rounded the driveway of my workshop, which also happens to be on the same property of my parents’ house. I’m not the type to not pull the air horn in a residential area….definitely not the type. My neighbors will attest to my willingness to let it freely sound. Sorry friends. The first living creature out the door was my weimaraner pup who was making a lot of noise herself. As soon as she realized who was behind the wheel, she quickly hopped aboard and made an inspection. With her approval, my parents followed suite. Even though I made no mention of my purchasing intentions, they were nonetheless not surprised. I wanted the WTF reaction, but instead got the, “We always thought you would buy something like this eventually” reaction. I’ll take it-

Felicia was home.